Punk'n Chuck'n


2:00-4:00 p.m.

The Punk'n Chuck'n has been an annual event held in the parking lot of the Mickee Faust Clubhouse on the Sunday after Halloween for more than twenty-five years. Event participants bring their extra moldy jack-o-lanterns and retire them with dignity in this final hurrah. This event is great fun, and is by far the most kid, pet, and budget friendly of all the Faustian events ($2 for participants, free for the adoring crowds!).

What to expect: After entering the contest and having their nearly departed pumpkin weighed and measured, each contestant will be called upon to deliver some form of artistic farewell to their gourd (past participants have done so in song, poetry, interpretive dance, elaborate costuming, and more), and then they will chuck the spent fall fruit as far as they can. Competitors are judged based on the distance of their throw, the artistry of the eulogy performance (and perhaps how well they bribe the distinguished judges on the panel!) Meanwhile, the adoring crowds "ohhhhh" and "aahhhhh" to support each competitor from the comfort of their own beach chairs (did we mention this classic event is held in an unfurnished parking lot? Be sure to bring your own seat!)

What to bring: Participants b.y.o. pumpkin and $2 entry fee, spectators just bring a chair... and a friend!

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