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ATHE Mickee Interview. Association for Theatre in Higher Education lnterview. (2018)

Dr. Joan Lipkins interviews Donna Marie Nudd and Terry Galloway for 28 minutes about the Mickee Faust Club, in celebration of the company winning the ''Leadership in Community-Based Theatre and Civic Engagement Award."

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"Tough" (2009) (16:32)   In Gay Shame, edited by David Halperin and Valerie Traub, University of Chicago Press.

Terry Galloway rifts on deafness, drag and the politics of rebellion in this experimental video. The video is part of a DVD collection accompanying the book, Gay Shame.

Galloway, Terry, Donna Nudd, and Carrie Sandahl. “Actual Lives and the Ethic of Accommodation.” Community Performance: A Reader. Ed. Petra Kuppers. New York: Routledge. (Feb. 2007): 227-234.

After detailing their “Ethic of Accommodation,” the co-authors explain the ways that theatrical structures, processes, and performances have been changed in their theatre companies to maximize participation for disabled performers and/or disabled audience members.

Nudd, Donna Marie. “The Left Rewriting America's Best Historical Fiction Finalist: The January 20, 2001 'Inaugural B-A-W-L' in Tallahassee, Florida." Text and Performance Quarterly , 24:1 (2004): 74-88.

This essay looks at Tallahassee’s Anti-Inaugural ball as a case study. The essay situates the “Inaugural B-A-W-L” in its historical context and details the characteristics that made it a successful counter-celebration.

Schriver, Kristina and Donna Marie Nudd. “Mickee Faust Club’s Performative Protest Events.” Text and Performance Quarterly. 22.3 (2002): 196-216.

Members of the Mickee Faust Club contextualize and theorize two performative protest events surrounding the Andrew Jackson/Springtime Tallahassee Controversy.

Nudd, Donna Marie, Kristina Schriver and Terry Galloway. "Is This Theatre Queer: Mickee Faust and the Performance of Community.” Performing Community, Performing Democracy: International Perspectives on Urban Community-based Performance. Eds. Susan C. Haedicke and Tobin Nellhaus. University of Michigan Press, 2001. 104-116.

Co-founders and a member of the Mickee Faust Club situate the company theoretically as a “queer” theatre by examining the company’s theatrical practice of not regarding any identity category as single, fixed or unyielding.


Nudd, D.M., & Galloway, T. (2016) Celebrating Disability through Performance.  Patti Pace Performance       Festival at Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA. Lectures, Workshops, Performance and       Criticism.

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Nudd, D. M. (Co- Author) & Galloway, T (Co- Author)  (2014, November)  DaDaFest Symposium: Redressing the Imbalance. In R. Gould (Chair), International Congress: Disability Culture and Human Rights. The Bluecoat, Liverpool, England. (International) 

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Premiere of Mickee Faust's Gimp Parade.   (2008, November).  National Communication Association.   (See Video:  DVD Compilation).

Selective Members of the Mickee Faust Club.  (2008, October)  Behind the Scenes:  A Glimpse into the Making of Mickee Faust's Gimp Parade.  Graduate Research Colloquium Series.  Florida State University. Tallahassee, FL.

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The Mickee Faust Club  (2008, April). Hosted a disability-themed presentation for 38 members of Leadership Tallahassee an influential, city-wide group sponsored by the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce.

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Nudd, Donna Marie, Derek Barton and Terry Galloway, “Mickee Faust Club’s Comic Video Shorts: ‘ Disability Factor’ and ‘Evacuation Procedures’”. In Panel “Changing Perceptions of Disability Through Art.” National Communication Association Convention. Chicago, IL. 17 November 2007.

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*For each citation below, Terry Galloway (Artistic Director) and Donna Marie Nudd (Executive Director) conducted workshops, presented video shorts, and/or discussed the work of the Mickee Faust Company.

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