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Booking a Mickee Faust Cabaret

Do you have money? Or are you in a position to shake down the institution you’re affiliated with for money? Then you are in a position to book us. As a crypto-quasi-socialistic-volunteer rodentured servant economy, the idea that we can actually be bought causes us no end of grief. But them’s the breaks.

What’ll my money buy?

We’ve got a range of shows at a range of prices and pretty much everything is negotiable.

If you want a full-blown cabaret it will cost you the most. Or group can be as small as six, as large as 42.

If you want something more modest, like one of the Faust sponsored musical ensembles or one-person shows, it’ll cost you less.

A word to the wise- your performing space has got to be accessible. We have a lot of touchy crips in the cast and nothing gets them more riled than an inaccessible stage.

For booking particulars contact Terry Galloway at

Book the Mickee Faust Clubhouse

Looking for funk over comfort? Then the Mickee Faust Clubhouse is the rat hole for you! Unheated in the winter, un-airconditioned in the summer and yet people still beat at our doors begging to be let in. Struggling artists who can’t afford to rent anything better know that Faust will live up to its not-for-profit mission and allow them to use the Clubhouse for the merest pittance.

Fall, Early Winter and late Spring, the Clubhouse is a pleasant place to perform. It has a simple stage, simple light and sound boards, a balcony, a dressing room, a bathroom and that alternative performance warehouse, deliberately-down-at-the-heels weird coziness. It seats 90, 100 with cramming.

Summer is the season for our backyard, which we call Faustlandia or, sometimes, New Amsterdam. With it’s simple stage and outdoor lights and spreading Mulberry Tree, the backyard is perfect for casual outdoor concerts, shows, films, readings and fund-raisers. God, this sounds like Better Homes and Gardens. Anyway . . .

During the coldest days of Winter you’d be well advised to stay the hell away, although we have rented it out to a few hardy, polar bear club types. (And yes, it does get cold in this part of Florida that is not Miami Beach).

To book the Clubhouse contact our OOP’s Committee:

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