The Faust Manifesto

Whereas all struggle is the struggle between classes undefined that of the rodent underclass known as the Faustkateers and that of the ruling rat elite, i.e. the Castro-like cigar chomper known as Mickee Faust.

Whereas the word Faustkateer literally means “ ratslave” coming from the Latin word "ra" meaning "Rodent King” and the Russian word "tslave" meaning "confused devotees of."

Whereas Faustkateers are distinct beings despite their reputation as mindless pack vermin, becoming one in purpose and effort only when they unite in bringing to pass the grand, divine plan for salvation and exaltation as ordained by the consciousness of the Great and Terrible Faust also known as Mickee.

Whereas the abode of the Great and Terrible Faust is the Mickee Faust Clubhouse (also known at times as Faustlandia, at other times as New Amsterdam).

Whereas the form of governance of the Mickee Faust Club is that of a democracy with a dollop of tyranny and a huge side of voluntary rodentured servitude.

Whereas all Fauskateers have willfully entered into this voluntary rodentured servitude.

Whereas the only services the Great and Terrible Faust requires of said Faustkateers are offerings of cheese, random acts of civil disobedience and World Media Domination.

Whereas, although none of these services (except for maybe the cheese offerings) have been realized, many Faustkateers have fallen to the wayside in the pursuit of said services.

Whereas there are plenty more where they came from (Faustkateers, that is, not services)

Whereas much of which has been said and where-ased is contradictory and somewhat perplexing.

Whereas we have just re-read the Communist Manifesto (in the vain pursuit of ideas to co-opt) and don’t quite understand what all the fuss was about.

Henceforth and hitherto we declare ourselves victorious in our pursuit of not having a fucking mission statement.

The prissy, prig-like element of Faust would like to issue a disclaimer to the Mickee Faust Manifesto.

THERE ARE THOSE OF US WHO LIKE MISSION STATEMENTS. Mission statements, unlike Manifestos, can be put on grant applications and job resumes. People take your accomplishments seriously when you have a Mission Statement as opposed to a Manifesto.

Therefore, the prissy, prig-like element of Faust has written and approved with much official looking head nodding and hand waving and sealing with important looking stamps the following statement of mission or Mission Statement:

The mission of the Mickee Faust Academy for the REALLY Dramatic Arts is to provide the people of Tallahassee with a non-traditional performance venue shaped by the Ethic of Accommodation, an ethic that allows a diverse community – those who are not just under-served but overlooked-- to develop its own artistic voice. Foremost involved in these ongoing creative collaborations are people from the LGBTQ+ community,  people with disabilities and people from lower income strata. Professionals and novices in Faust work side-by-side to create original cabarets, theatre, radio and video. Together the members of the Mickee Faust Club promote the presence of their alternative creative voice, locally, nationally and internationally.

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