This is The Mickee Faust Club's Annual Queer as Faust Performance Cabaret. For over 12 years, Queer as Faust celebrates everything wacky, funny, poignant and fabulous about our LGBTQ+ Community. 

“It’s one of my favorite Faust events,” says the leader of the club, Mickee Faust, puffing on her/his/they’s plastic cigar.  “’Cause what could be queerer than moi-- an oversized, sexually-ambiguous, plastic-cigar puffing rat in a bra and a bow tie?”

Come join us as we celebrate our gay history and take a few jabs at those who not only want us back in the closet but put to death. And that’s no joke.  As with all Mickee Faust cabarets,  members of the Tallahassee community have written the material for the show which runs the gamut of silly to sexy to anthems of pride. Some skits might be better for more mature audiences.

Celebrate pride with the queerest and weirdest theater company in all of Florida. For 2020, QAF is online! Please join us in a live stream event at 7p.m. on Sunday June 28th, by clicking here:

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