A little vaudeville, a dash of politics, and some saucy, sexy, and even silly morsels of skits and songs comprise the line-up for this year’s Mickee Faust Club’s “Queer as Faust IX Cabaret.” The show opens the weekend of June 17-18, and runs a second weekend, June 23-25. All shows will be at 8pm with a second show on the Saturdays at 10pm. 

The sketch comedy troupe, founded by partners in art and life Terry Galloway and Donna Marie Nudd, aren’t afraid to talk about the most taboo topic of sex, and to celebrate it as part of LGBTQ+ Pride Month in June. Galloway, who is the company’s artistic director and plays the head rat leader Mickee Faust, says visitors to Florida’s capital city may be amazed when they see what’s been happening in the shadows of the looming state capitol building.

“We’ve put the ‘verse’ in ‘subversive’ by writing some of the wittiest, weirdest, and queerest material put on any stage,” says Galloway. “We may be in the buckle of the Bible belt, but we’re not afraid to unzip the pants and expose the hypocrites while lifting our steins to toast our freedom from tyranny and fear.”

The recent spate of so-called religious freedom laws in response to recent civil rights gains has heightened interest among the actors and actresses of the troupe. The company, comprised of both seasoned veterans and very green rookies, are the writers, producers, and directors for the cabarets, and so it is not uncommon for some of the pieces to speak to a particular current event issue.

“Artists are social commentators,” said the troupe’s executive director, Donna Marie Nudd. “And living in the capital city with a state legislature that provides no end of material our writers delight in turning a critical eye on the culture and seeing the absurdities in it and putting it on stage.” 

In addition to the cabaret, the company will host an evening of “Queerioke” on Friday, June 3, at 7pm; we’ll introduce a new super hero with a staged reading of an original play, “Shero: Femme Fatale,” on June 8-9th. And we’ll highlight some of the LGBT video shorts that have enjoyed successful runs both in Tallahassee and at film festivals all over the world on Saturday, June 11th.

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