Film: Specialty Videos

Revenge of the Rat Bastard Brother. 
Written and Directed by Jeanette Castillo.  Produced by Too Fun Productions and Mickee Faust Club. (6:00)
Mickee and his scrappy band of volunteers succeed in taking over the airways, if only for a moment. 

Because of Her:  The Legacies of Dana Reeve and Maryanne Ward (2009)
Ben Mekler, Director; Aaron Hall, Director of Photography; Walter Hollman, Sound: Killertrax, Music.  FSU Film School Production. (5:00)
Short documentary traces the building of the fully-accessible stage in honor of the first mobility-impaired performer in the Mickee Faust Company, Maryanne Ward.   FSU undergraduate film won a $5000 "Special Recognition" award in a nationwide "Filmanthropy" competition.

All Hail Mickee Faust  (2008)
Diane Wilkins Productions/Mickee Faust Films.  Directed and Edited by Diane Wilkins. Produced by Kathy Lynch and Diane Wilkins.  Starring members of the Mickee Faust Club. (8:00)
Mickee Faust Club Promotional Video briefly describes the company’s origins and its vision for the future. Diane Wilkins Productions/Mickee Faust Films.

Broken Rat's Tale:  A Faustumentary (2008)
Directed, Produced and Edited by John Herd, Grace Keegan, and Christina Caudill. Starring members of the Mickee Faust Club. (10:27)

A short documentary that examines disability humor in the Mickee Faust Club.   

Tammy Faye Bakker's "I Gotta Be Me' (2008)
Directed and Edited by Jeanette Castillo.  Produced by Too Fun Productions and The Mickee Faust Club. 
Tammy Faye performed by Terry Galloway.  (4:17)

Tammy Faye discuss life and loss, and a very naughty little dog.  Written by Tammy Faye Bakker.

A Cargo Bike (2006)
Written, Directed and Edited by Andy Opel. Produced by Donna Marie Nudd and Faust Films.  Starring Michael Carlucci, Julie Rogers and Terry Galloway.

In a world dominated by SUVs and Global Warming, one bicycle is hungry for revenge.

“Excerpts: A (Movable) Midsummer Night’s Dream (2006)

Produced by Faust Films/Diane Wilkins Productions.  (70:00)

 Archival excerpts, on stage and off, from Tallahassee Production of Shakespeare’s play, A (Movable) Midsummer Night’s Dream. 


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