Shakespeare and ShakesParody



An indoor/outdoor, site specific Faustian take on one of Shakespeare's bloodiest, shortest plays featuring a delicious banquet at intermission replete with raucous Elizabethan musical entertainment.

Mickee Faust Academy for the REALLY Dramatic Arts. Dress Rehearsal for Elementary and High School Students, Nov. 7; Shows: Nov. 8-10 and 15-17, 2018.


William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream performed on three stages in Railroad Square. The audience experienced the play with the characters as they move from the court, to the fairy woods, and back to the wedding banquet. Community members and children dressed as fairies and joined in the fun.

Railroad Square. Tallahassee, FL, 22-23, 29-30 April 2006 and 23-24 June 2006. Reprise Performance.


ShakesParody Festivals feature theatrical performances of Shakespeare, modified Shakespeare, Shakespeare-inspired skits, Shakespeare-like readings, most with a comic bent. Local performance groups add to the flavor by setting up camps where they stage demonstrations, such as broadsword fighting (Society for Creative Anachronism), period dance (Troupe Arabesque), and fencing (FSU Fencing Club). Arts and crafts activities and games for the children are provided by Railroad Square artisans and community volunteers, e.g. the Ophelia Dunking Booth and Sponge Jousting.

The Mickee Faust company performs parodies of Shakespeare plays, e.g. MacBeef, a Fast Food Tragedie; scenes from Shakespeare plays with a twist, e.g. "Shakespeare on the Rocks" featuring the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet performed on the walls of the Rock Gym; or the adaptation of modern works with a Shakespearean twist, such as Green Eggs and Hamlet.  Local performance groups also take the stage with such fan favorites as Monty Python's The Spanish Inquisition (SAIL students).

ShakesParody Festival. Railroad Square. May 1-2, 2004.
ShakesParody in the Square
. Railroad Square. May 19, 2002.
ShakesParody in the Square
. Railroad Square, 20 May 2001.


ShakesParody After Dark. Austin, TX: Scottish Rite Theatre. (2017)

Two week run of skits and musical numbers skewering William Shakespeare's works. Material written by members of the Mickee Faust Club in Tallahassee, Florida; co-directed by three Mickee Faust leaders: Terry Galloway, Artistic Director; Jimmers Micallef; Company Manager; and Donna Marie Nudd, Executive Director; performed by Texas actors and Micallef; Galloway and Nudd.

Best of ShakesParody. October 19-20, 25-27, 2012

Sex, Beer, and Shakespeare.  April 16-17 and 22-24, 2010.

ShakesParody After Dark. Mickee Faust Club. Railroad Square. Tallahassee, FL 14-15 June 2002.

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