Okinawan, Air Force veteran, Lesbian, activist, isaland vibe and lots of Aloha. Resist all efforts to steal Women’s Rights!

Tim is a retired tech guy who writes for Faust and was somehow trained to run a spotlight.

Sonia, a visual and amateur performing artist, is delighted to partake in the Ravensmadd Costume Team and continue being inspired by the Faustkateer force. She has performed with Mickee Faust since 2016. She has also participated in the Historic Spanish

Natalie has been a part of the Faust family since 2008! She enjoys spending time with her wife and dog on outdoor adventures, but also gets great fulfillment from being on and off stage in many Faust productions.

KC’s been with Faust since 2004 and after not being involved for over 2 years due to Covid, they’re excited to be back at captioning

Holly received her BS in Architecture from the University of Michigan in 2011. Since moving to Tallahassee in 2015, she has been an avid supporter of Mickee Faust as an audience member and in recent years, as a light and

Heather Ward has been Faust's Light goddess for decades! Seen here with a tech crew in the early 90's, she hasn't aged at all.

Maude simply adores the stage, especially community theater. Having been a life-long 'song and dance gal', she credits Faust with giving her permission to play, in a place where creatives have a voice and comedy is high-art.

Cindy has been with the Company since 2004 and is the resident doodler, provider of tasty refreshments (with her surly Michiganer Matt), and is a scrappy, and only somewhat tolerant Canadian. Her promotional banners and images make sure we have an