Donna Marie Nudd

By day, I’m a Professor in the School of Communication at Florida State University teaching in the areas of Queer Studies, Performance Studies and Gender Studies. I also have the privilege of teaching graduate students how to teach. At night and on weekends is my unpaid gig, serving as Executive Director of the Mickee Faust Club. I’m happily married to Terry Galloway and have served as her director and dramaturge for her three solo shows that have toured nationally and internationally. In some ways, working on The Cursed House of Ravensmadd feels like arriving back home after a very long journey, as forty years ago my dissertation at the University of Texas was called Jane Eyre and What Adaptors Have Done to Her. So if you have a nerdy question about the history of Jane Eyre adaptations in film, on television or on video, meet me at the bar and buy me a chardonnay.