This is Jeremy's first time playing with Mickee Faust and is his debut performance on instruments like the train whistle and tambourine. He is currently a Graduate Teaching assistant at Florida State and is happy to be on board!

Greg is a local comedian and multifaceted performer. This is his first performance with the Mickee Faust company, but he has played with Larry McCraw multiple times.

Eli Jonas came to Tallahassee from Miami in 2013 to attend FSU. After graduating with a degree in psychology, he decided to make Tallahassee home. He has played with Mickee Faust casually for years, but this is his first time

Dennis Hardin has been playing banjo, dobro and lap steel guitars, and singing at Faust pre- and post-shows, parties, and other assorted events for more than 20 years.

Delray has been a part of Mickee Faust productions for about as long as he can remember. His bucket list includes yodeling for a willing audience and engineering some really big on-stage explosions. 

Larry McCraw has been with the club since 2003. In addition to serving as the Sargent maestro for the Ravensmadd orchestra, he is the company music director, master of punk’n chuck’n ceremonies, and the host of Faust First Fridays featuring