Stacey Abbott, co writer, co-producer, and choreographer. She has had an affinity for being on stage for as long as she can remember. She's enjoyed being on the Mickee Faust Club stage for the past 15 years. Her true love,

Christy Rodriguez de Conte is a writer/director/performer with Mickee Faust and producer of this years Queer as Faust Festival. She is grateful to perform with a collective whose art supports feminist ideals that push against heteronormative societal constructs regarding gender

By day, I'm a Professor in the School of Communication at Florida State University teaching in the areas of Queer Studies, Performance Studies and Gender Studies. I also have the privilege of teaching graduate students how to teach. At night

Galloway is a writer, performer and activist who writes, performs and agitates.  Ravensmadd is her first musical comedy since receiving her cochlear implants in 2013. Her first opera Lardo Weeping, made its debut in Austin Texas this\ Texas this August