Folly Hood is thrilled to join the Mickee Faust Club weird queer theatre community as a proud fat actress in this cheeky role of Ms. Clara Ayres. Much gratitude to Cosmo and Ynergy for all your love and support. This

Proud Faust Cast member since 2017. Living a happy life with my wonderful wife, Nancy, enjoying nature walks, live music events, and time with friends & family. Happy to provide a loving home for our two rescue dogs Shiner &

Diana has worked as a diligent rat minion since 2000, in just about every capacity available: performing, writing, directing, producing, choreographing, construction and general maintenance and repairs, outreach and coordinating with other community groups, and has been a core member

Delray has been a part of Mickee Faust productions for about as long as he can remember. His bucket list includes yodeling for a willing audience and engineering some really big on-stage explosions. 

Jes Tice was singing and performing on stage before she learned to tie her own shoelaces. She appears in the cast as a maid, nun, and DeRude. Tice has led the promotions team and handled the grant management and finances

Mary Beth Allegood is excited to be involved with theatre onstage for the first time in Tallahassee and for her first Faust show. Previous show involvement includes: sound and stage manager of On Golden Pond at Monticello opera house, costume

Susan has been active with the Mickee Faust Club since 1991. She performs with the company both on stage and behind the scenes and has helped to produce Faust’s award-winning radio shows on WVFS 89.7FM. She has a background in

Christy Rodriguez de Conte is a writer/director/performer with Mickee Faust and producer of this years Queer as Faust Festival. She is grateful to perform with a collective whose art supports feminist ideals that push against heteronormative societal constructs regarding gender