Danielle has been writing, performing, producing, singing, sweating and laughing with Mickee Faust since she was a shy grad student in 2007. A self-professed lover of snarky lyrics and complex harmonies, she found a love for writing and performing parody

Ynergy is very grateful to represent the Caribbeanx LGBTQ fluffy size people in expressing her voice as a part of the musically sound Chorus in the cursed house of Ravensmadd. Ynergy is very grateful for the love, support from Follywood,

Scott is an assistant editor for the podcast PseudoPod and a performer/writer/producer for the Mickee Faust Club. He has been at Mickee more years than he cares to remember.

Samantha received her BA in Theatre Performance while living in the Dayton metropolitan area. Though they spend most of their time at Faust, Samantha has also performed at the Monticello Opera House and will be performing in Palaver Tree Theatre's

Being part of Faust for 29 years has been a creative odyssey that continues to feed my soul. My theater journey as an actor, director, associate producer & fundraiser is sans pareil.

Maude simply adores the stage, especially community theater. Having been a life-long 'song and dance gal', she credits Faust with giving her permission to play, in a place where creatives have a voice and comedy is high-art.

Queer actor, director, and producer with Mickee Faust. Born in Buenos Aires Argentina and a Tallahassee resident since 2001. Part of the Faust family for 7 years. Plays the Reverend and Chorus member.

Julie loves having Faust as a creative outlet, including performing, writing sketches and song parodies, making costumes and props, directing, producing printed and video programs/credits, and feeding people snacks and the Macbeth banquet. The weird and wonderful Faustkateers are her

Gabrielle enjoys reading, taking long walks on the beach, and embarrassing themself onstage. She is incredibly grateful to everyone at Faust for helping her to rekindle her love for theatre.