Danielle has been writing, performing, producing, singing, sweating and laughing with Mickee Faust since she was a shy grad student in 2007. A self-professed lover of snarky lyrics and complex harmonies, she found a love for writing and performing parody

Mavis was taught to sew at eight years old by both her maternal grandmother and her stepfather, who was a tailor. She also is a Bob Ross and Zentangle instructor, continuing to expand her skills in arts and crafts.

Martha H. Cooper has worked as a Costume Technologist, Professor and Designer for many years, having worked professionally at numerous regional theatres and several universities. Since visiting museums in Europe and the U.S. with historic clothing collections, her primary research

Linda is retired but you can find her digging through piles of junk at thrift stores and estate sales where she alway finds the best treasure. Every Costume Team needs a ninja thrifter and Linda delivered in spades.

Lea Anna is a long time Faustkateer whose superpower is finding and recruiting people more capable than herself. She also excels at annoying the producers with endless questions. She is very proud of the work of the Ravensmadd Costume Team.

My mother, Dorothy Hart, was a seamstress who raised me in notion shops.  She was an artist who could make anything. I am an amateur who can make hats.

Maude simply adores the stage, especially community theater. Having been a life-long 'song and dance gal', she credits Faust with giving her permission to play, in a place where creatives have a voice and comedy is high-art.

Julie loves having Faust as a creative outlet, including performing, writing sketches and song parodies, making costumes and props, directing, producing printed and video programs/credits, and feeding people snacks and the Macbeth banquet. The weird and wonderful Faustkateers are her

Gabrielle enjoys reading, taking long walks on the beach, and embarrassing themself onstage. She is incredibly grateful to everyone at Faust for helping her to rekindle her love for theatre.

Meg Fulford, a native to Tallahassee,  teaches art at Cornerstone Learning Community. She received a BA in studio art in 2014. Meg has deeply enjoyed the privilege of supporting the mission of Mickee Faust with costume/prop design and fabrication for